Month: March 2017

The Yard Sale- tips for anyone!

I use to hate yard sales. Not just having one, but even going to them! It was a hunt and I always found NOTHING. More than likely it was my attitude towards them. Once I seen a woman selling basket of hard boiled eggs with Easter sleeves on them, in July. Like, what?! My mother loves them and finds gold every time she goes. I’m talking brand new laptops for $20. She also has the art of Haggling. One man had his items displayed on a shelving unit and she asked if she could buy the shelf itself. He said it wasn’t for sale. After talking him into it we we’re bringing it home, at a lower price than what he wanted! Again—like, what?!!

As a mom of a every growing boy I was getting annoyed I’d buy him shirts, jeans, and shoes and no shorter than a month or even what felt like days he was growing out of it! They fit and were even big when we bought them! So after a few summers of not going to Yard Sales my mother talked me into going again. And I found resale treasure. Other moms with ever growing boys too! I could buy their items at a fraction of the price! I fell in love! Then I had my own yard sale without ever having one. I learned some things during the process… it wasn’t that good but I still made $60 of my old stuff on a cruddy little yard sale. My town has a once year HUGE yard sale event. After planning and researching I got my yard sale wings and made serious dollars selling my once loved items from my now clutter free home!

Over the years I’ve learnt some things I want to pass along :)!


Yard sale tips:

  • Advertise! Make sure everyone knows the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, and WHERE. Clever signs always get me in “Hoarders Paradise” “Macy’s Junkie Liquidation.”My junk can be your junk!” Nowadays there is social media! Advertise and give photo examples. It WILL get people in from afar when they can see what your having. If you have bigger items or particular pieces I think will for sure sell (furniture, designer bags) I’ll take photos and price them as I show them on media sites. It has often led to me selling those items before the actual yard sale.


  • LOCATION: Many times I won’t stop if I can’t get in and out of the drive way or off on a side street I’ve never been down. If you can’t host it in your place ask a family member. You may live in a cul-de-sac with ZERO traffic flow. Guess what? Drive by shoppers can’t see it they ain’t comin’. Some times I set up on Sundays at a business (after asking) that’s closed and will allow me to use there parking lot on a main street and get the after church service crowd in.


  • Display your items. If you make them displayed with care, they’ll care to give you your asked amount. Thrown on a sheet on the ground it’s a total turn off. Often I set up a clothes line and display all my items for them to easily sort threw. I also borrow fold out tables from my local church so there is not bending down to see what is there. Sort your items accordingly too! Think like a store, all kids items in one area, home items in another. Throwing them all in a bin is extra work for the buyer.


  • PRICES: These items are more than likely used. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET THE VALUE YOU PAID FOR THEM. Remember this. Many times I pick up a shirt and they want more than $10 used when new it cannot be more than 12! I put it right back. All the stuff you bring in your home, and you declutter out, as long as your making money try to sell low, and they will buy it! This is your clutter, make it someone else treasure. I’m not saying you shouldn’t make a profit on a great item I’ll write a individual price on it and write firm if I don’t want to be bargained down. (example: Brand new peacoat I bought for $120 with tags marked $20 and a lady offered me $2. No ma’am.)


  • Price your items. It’s really annoying to the buyer (&seller respond) if you have to ask over & over & over “How much is this? ” Don’t be lazy put prices on them! Or make a few poster boards of standard prices “Mens T-shirts $2, Womens Jeans $4” etc etc. I’ve even seen Chalk on the driveway for marked areas.


  • It’s the little things! If it takes a battery or a light bulb have some to show them it works! If it’s hot out sell sodas/waters. At check out have bags! Have tons of change they are so going to have $20 bills and not ones and fives! That said have a calculator. Greet them, don’t stalk them! Enlist some family members or friends to help. Getting held up with one person makes a buyer annoyed waiting too long & will just put items back. Say thank you! Stuff you absolutely just want to get rid off have a “free bin.”

It is work leading up to the day as much as it is in the day itself. Make it fun, not stressful.
Plan ahead and make some $$$!