What is wrong, can be fixed.

I am a mom, a fiance, a fulltime employee  (some times 64 hours+ work weeks), daughter, sister, and so much much.

I started a change in my life around 3 months ago. Not sure what needed changing but I knew I wasn’t happy.

How could someone have a good life, good family, and a good job….the elements to “being happy”—- that mind you felt like years to get to, be so dang miserable? Is it like poison this misery? I’m just forever miserable because I’ve lived through so much misery? Am I just a depressed individual? What am I doing wrong? Why do I feel like I am failing at every area of my life?!!!

You live only once, and you will die. 

That’s just the truth of the matter. The only question is when? On my 40 minute commute to work I thought about how much I overcame, and how if I were to go right now I would have told myself shut up and change what is wrong. I’m human, flawed, and most defintely not perfect. Reminiscing about things that ARE good, I found myself in a state of gratitude. 

I also made a decision. 

Grow, or die. 

I can grow every single day, or like a plant with out water or sunlight….start to go slowly. 

I’m an introvert but also very highly motivated by life. It’s completely complex! When I started this “blog” I wanted to find a connection but what I really want o use it from this moment on is documentation of my journey. 

Because,  this isn’t the end or middle but a whole new beginning. 

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