Garden Season



One of my favorite times of the year! Life’s chores are always so so soooo continuous. Didn’t I just wash clothes? They’re hungry again, but do not know what they want again?! Oh but to garden is a job that yields such glorious bounties. It can feel like a job it self. You get to see and enjoy your work. I love a ripe tomato and green pepper from the garden.

This from a south side of Chicago city gal.

That wasn’t always the case. When we first moved in together in our home now, in rural Tennessee my fiance wanted a garden. He tilled the yard, planted the plants, and asked me why I wasn’t keeping up with it. He was raised having a garden his whole childhood. I remember my mom cutting our 3ft by 3ft plot of grass out front with kitchen scissors. (Don’t ask she’s crazy.) I had no idea what to do. To be matter of fact I was perturbed and annoyed. I don’t need another chore, or a to-do item.  That year wasn’t a success. I also realized how selfish it was of me not to support an idea he wanted. I went into it head first NOT wanting to do it. Why not try?

So, next year, I tried. Not only did the seeds grow into produce for our family, the little seed grew in me. I worked in the garden and fell in love. I discovered a green thumb. And grew my desire to do better, learn more, and grow more.  I love taking photos from day one until we pull the last plant up. It helps me get through the winter.

It has become a hobby, and a passion of mine. The research of my area, my soil, what I can grow, what type would we like, goes on every year. One day I can’t wait to call myself a master gardener.

We tried growing from seeds this year. This will be our very first year doing so.

We have:

  • 15 Tomatoes – 4 Cherokee Purple, 1 Beefsteak, 2 Early Girl, 2 Sweet 100 (my favorite), 2 German Johnson, and 2 mortgage lifters.
  • 22 Peppers – 4 Banana, 4 California Wonder, 4 California Wonder, 4 Big Bertha, 2 big Chile, 2 Long Slim Red, and 2 Jalapeno.
  • 2 Zucchini, 2 Squash, and 3 Cucumber.
  • Red onions, and white onions.
  • 6 rows of Peaches and Cream Corn, and purple hull peas.

This year I’ll also focus on preserving it better. Time would get away from me I would pick it and not make something with it and end up giving a lot away. This year I’ve planned recipes. I need to get the knack of making pickles because mine have been flops!

Cheer’s to a good season!  (that’s last year’s garden)

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