Summer Project List

  • Repaint Kitchen
  • Organize Kitchen cabinets
  • go threw Freezers, fridge, and shelves and itemize all food items—create menu plan from it
  • keep the garden up and make sure to utilize all items out of it
  • makeover front yard landscape with items we have and using pine needle mulch gathered from the park (basically no money spent)
  • makeover the mailbox
  • clean Eli’s room and completely go through all of Eli’s clothes and get rid of not fitting or never worn items
  • Take apart and clean oven (ughhh)
  • clean carports
  • create a gardening work bench for under $20
  • create a home binder
  • get new SS cards (ours are worn under a water accident lol)
  • get Eli his own savings account…. 11 is almost too big to keep throwing his money in a piggy bank
  • make (& trial and error–find what works for me) DIY home cleaners
  • makeover this side of the carport that is hideous and no one sees but still needs tlc grosssideyard

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