Month: July 2017

A little human connection.

Yesterday I worked 4 hours on my day off. I went in and it was so hot and I was super annoyed with it all for many reasons I won’t start right now. I decided after I put the 4 in I was going to go to a few stores, of my choice, and not limit my time in them. This is a rare treat. Alllll the time I have a million things to do so sneaking in a 10 minutes in Target is fun but then I feel guilty. Guilty the time I spent or the money or both. Even if it’s only 30 minutes and $4. I think it’s like chronic mom guilt. I decided to go to the mall. My fiance and my son always walked behind me there in every store like they’re personally being beat by cactus. IT’S SO AWFUL. Yet, they don’t stay home. Does not make sense.

2:10 p.m. I decided to get lunch first and sit in the food court enjoying my chick-fil-a sandwich and plan out where I wanted to go.

Mid bite I was approached by a older man asking me if I had any company or was I enjoying my day by myself. ┬áHe was in his upper 70’s maybe lower 80’s, adorably dressed in a plaid polo, and khakis. You knew this was a grandfather. A few seconds into the conversation he explained his wife of 65 years died this year. He comes to the mall to escape and not stare at his four walls. He asked if I had time would I mind if he sat and talked to me just a little bit.

Not once was I creeped out, you can tell this is a genuine just oh so lonely human.

65 years.

Every day he wakes up in the home he shared, the love, the routine. How does one wake up and not get swallowed by it all? To crave a connection to a human you go to the mall just to chit chat—with anyone. I am just anyone.

I had time, I’ll make time. Everything planned didn’t matter. I don’t know maybe a higher plan was in place but here I was and I’ll do what I can to give him some company. Maybe Bill would go home a little lighter, maybe not but lord willing I had to try. I got to talking to him and he actually retired from where I work! He told me some amazing things.

This gave me perspective on a few things. Again, there is a bigger plan, I won’t forget that afternoon. I walked away grateful. Thanks Bill.