Hello! Hello! Hello!

I’m Maggie. I am almost 30 and a highly caffeine dependent human. I’m a mom to a 11 year old middle schooler, a fiance, cat lady in the making, full time swing shift worker, homesteading dreamer, and just trying to figure it all out! I live in the western part of Tennessee in a small rural community. I am a city transplant and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have dreams of my own 40 acres, a mini farm, and no neighbors (sigh, the dream ya’ll.) Coffee, travelling, napping, magazines/books, and picture taking are some of my favorite things.


This is my first blog. It was created for many reasons; life documentation, recipes/cooking, connecting, frugal living, money saving ideas, changing money habits, and most of allllll accountability. 2017 the fiance and I sat down and talked plans & goals. There is nothing we want more than to build a house, in the country, on our own land, DEBT FREE. We both make middle class median income, and at luckily stand debt free. However, we (and by “we” I mean “me“…) aren’t big on saving. Going out to eat, trips, new clothes, gift giving, party throwing, shoe and make-up habits, on and on… let’s say I live(d) any way I have wanted. After being proposed to and turning 30 around the corner it’s time to narrow down what goals we want. Now I’m on a frugal, penny pinching, dollar stretching, DIY, goal digging lifestyle. Something totally new. But….something I want more than anything! We have a five year plan to save $128,000. Please, join me on this journey